About woodlands



You are important to God and important to us. Whether you live here or are just

visiting, we would love to have you come and see what Woodlands is all about. 

Our atmosphere is casual and friendly. We place high value on authentic Christian

living, placing Christ at the center of all our teachings. We offer worship music that

is current and elevating, along with focused weekend sermons that break down the

Bible in a way that makes it easy to connect the word of God with today's busy life.

You are invited to do life with us!





The fact is, God loves you. No matter where you have been on your journey His love for

you is based on what He did for you not what you have or have not done for Him. When

you look at Jesus' words in the Gospel of John, His very heart is that you might discover

what it really means to live. John 10:10

You have had experiences, both good and bad, that have brought you to where you are today. 

This journey you have been on may even have had some "religious" experiences that are a part

of your story. Sadly, many people have thought that the way to experience this life is through

using religious activity to make up for the wrong things we have done in our lives.


No amount of good can overcome

how our sin separates us from God.

Romans 3:23

There is nothing WE can do to remedy this

broken relationship we have with God.


GOD did something. When we were still

broken and separated from God because of

our sin, the Bible says that God reached

out in love through Jesus. 

Romans 5:8

Jesus came and lived a perfect life so that He could offer His life as a sacrifice for our sin. 

Someone had to pay the penalty for our sin, and if Jesus would not have been willing to die

on our behalf, we would have been separated from God forever. But Jesus DID die for us, 

and we have the opportunity to find forgiveness for our sin and the ability to experience

life both now and for eternity because of that sacrifice. Romans 6:23

God simply asks that we make a conscious decision to trust Jesus alone for our salvation. 

It is through receiving His free gift, not our religious activity that we can receive everlasting

life with Jesus in heaven. Helping people take steps towards a relationship with Jesus is

what we are most passionate about.