Woodlands is full of real people with real stories. 

Whether your story is one of hope, peace, and healing, or if it is of pain, defeat, temptation, 

and regret, we would love to connect with you and join you on your journey.

We invite you to read and watch some of our featured stories.

  • BRAD  [54]

    I was an executive in a tech company with a nice home and a loving family, but I lost everything because of selfish decisions that led to crushing addictions. I was reminded by my sister of God’s truth that I believed as a teenager, and I cried out again to Jesus Christ and was restored by the Lord to faithfully serve and seek after Him. God put me back together, set me

    in a new career, and reconciled me relationships with my children, 

    for His glory.

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  • JUDY  

    Baptized 08.30.15

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  • KEVIN  [8]

    After my family mistakenly left for the vacation without me, I awakened to an empty house and assumed my wish to have no family had come true. But my excitement soured when I realized that Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern planned to rob my home, and that I alone had to protect the family home. I learned that God protected me during those trials, and that I am called to honor my parents.

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