Please see the list below of frequently asked questions about

The Woodlands as a result of recent developments and Vision Night.

Q: Are the renderings and floorplans shown at Vision Night final designs to be implemented?

A: No, these are conceptual drawings put together to represent the vision.

Q: You mentioned wanting a handicap accessible playground, but have you thought about the liability involved?

A: Yes, we will do our due diligence. We may try to work in conjunction with the H-F Park District, or do something else recreational with the portion of land such as a walking path. The vision is to use this area for recreation.

Q: How much will our land sell for? Has it been appraised?

A: The appraisal is in process. The selling price of the land depends on the market. We anticipate the land going for more than it has been appraised for.

Q: What retail business will move in?

A: The vision involves what we are calling a "Community Friendly Business". Therefore, we would have a restrictive land-use agreement (i.e., no bars, strip clubs, gambling, etc.).

Q: When are we getting the new sign?

A: This is being rolled into the renovation project(s).

Q: Would the sale of the land cover the costs of our updates and renovations?

A: We expect the sale would cover the majority of the construction costs, however, we will still plan to do a capital campaign to raise supplemental funds for equipment, furniture, and other related expenses.

Q: What is our relationship with Freedom Church, and how does it impact this project?

A: Pastor Thaddeus is thrilled about these potential upgrades, and our relationship with them remains very strong. Freedom Church rents our facility from us, and we operate as two completely separate churches. 

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