The facts are simple. Woodlands exists to bring God glory – to make His name great [Matthew 22:37-40]. We get our marching orders from the Great Commission [Matthew 28:17-20] - making disciples of all nations. 

We are at a defining moment as a church. The question is, are we equipped to bring God more glory through more worshippers? We want to be a world-class church, “Making courageous Christ followers from all people groups for all people groups willing to risk all to serve all to save all.” The Woodlands vision claims that we exist for those outside our walls, and that we will do anything short of sin to reach those who are far from Christ. 

Now is the time. In order to reach those no one is reaching, we have to do what no one is doing. It’s time to start thinking big, and taking courageous steps to spread the Gospel to our church, our community, andour world. Take action with us as we accelerate the Gospel with MISSION 178


An airplane must reach 178 mph for liftoff. This requires training, precision, and all necessary equipment. We are on a risky mission, accelerating towards liftoff speed to save all who are far from God.


Because this is just the starting point of our journey. MISSION 178 is not the finish line, but the starting line.


The Woodlands generosity initiative, MISSION 178, is unique in that it also includes a strategy to sell/ lease a parcel of our land. The motivation to sell/ lease is first and foremost to bring people onto our corner of the community. In doing so, we will also raise much-needed funds. When Woodlands leadership first started talking about selling/leasing land, we believed that there could potentially be enough money raised to do some simple updates and restorations to the current Woodlands facility. However, as we got deeper into planning and as our vision grew, we understood it would take more than just the sale of a parcel of land. This vision has shifted from bettering the Woodlands Community Church building, to creating a destination for the community, involving the extent of our land, and equipping Woodlands to reach our neighbors and our world with the Gospel. 

Everyone who has a part in giving to Woodlands during the 2-year MISSION 178 initiative, whether it is one-time or reoccurring, will experience the ‘win’ of completing our dream.

God has so much in store for the Woodlands community! Here's a video of our Advance Commitment Night, where Woodlands leaders gathered together to take steps of faith and celebrate God's faithfulness!  Check it out...

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